Testimonials on 1:1 tuition:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my singing lessons with you and have already learnt so much, although not necessarily in the way I expected back when we started.

I’m usually quite self-conscious, but find that I am able to just relax and enjoy practicing during lessons with you.

Learning how to use my voice freely during lessons, without worrying about how silly I might sound has been much easier than I would have thought.

I have especially enjoyed the voice warm up exercises – not only can I feel the abilities of my vocal abilities being stretched, but the exercises also help me to be more aware of how my voice works, and to understand and consider the voice as a kind of musical apparatus.

I have also found practising voice exercises at home between lessons very beneficial – but prefer it when I am in lesson because you’re like having a fitness personal trainer watching over me to make sure I’m exercising my voice in exactly  the right way.

Funnily enough, I’ve found additional benefits – I have never been able to blow up a balloon in my life – but blew up TWO beach balls the other day, courtesy of all those breathing exercises!!!!!

Not only is my singing most definitely improving (and more important, my understanding of how I use my voice to sing), but I’ve had lots of fun, too.

Thank you,  Anthea x”

– Anita, adult singing student

I’m so pleased I found Anthea! I feel like my singing has come on a long way since I started with her, and I had my first ‘vocal breakthrough’ as a result of her knowledge, and dedication towards helping me on my learning journey. Anthea truly cares about her students’ progress and does everything she can to help them – I regularly receive information from her, that she thinks will help me with whatever singing hurdle I am facing at the time.

I can’t recommend Anthea highly enough. Thank you so much!!”

– Abby, adult singing student

This is what people have said about Anthea’s community music work & training workshops:

“I organised the Confidence Building using Lifemusic last week that Anthea led and it was absolutely fantastic! I think it is fair to say that all of the participants could be described as in some way fragile, either emotionally or physically and in some cases both. Anthea created an absolutely amazing supportive and encouraging atmosphere where everyone was included & valued and given strategies for coping & building self confidence, with Anthea using her own experience to highlight many of the issues covered. Comments from the feedback included “I’ve learnt that I can be outside my comfort zone” “I’ve learnt to take gentle risks” and “I have learnt that I am not alone”.”

Alison White, Surrey Coalition of Disabled People

“Anthea has been visiting The Clubhouse Project, once a month, since September 2013 and during that time we have had some great music sessions.

Anthea has helped our group of young adults with learning disabilities make their own “Clubhouse Song”. It was a fantastic project and the young adults got an insight into writing lyrics, composing music and how to record the final product. Throughout the project Anthea conveyed her enthusiasm for the song to the young adults, they have taken ownership of the Clubhouse Song and they love singing it at every opportunity and occasion.

Music is a wonderful way of engaging with our young adults on the autistic spectrum and Anthea is excellent at engaging with them.  She makes use of a variety of instruments and she also helps the young adults to use ipads to make sounds and sound patterns. Anthea is very patient, she listens to the young adults’ ideas and she encourages them to be in charge of the music sessions.  The young adults always look forward to Anthea’s visits and they have become a very important part of clubhouse life.”

Henny Vangsted
(Care –Coordinator, The Clubhouse Project)

“Anthea is clearly very passionate about music, a relaxed and happy person who got the best from the young people. Her enthusiasm and attitude worked extremely well engaging all in music making and in just the two sessions she attended she was able to work with groups to help song writing, develop and record their ideas. The group responded well to her and were engaged positively and comfortable with her teaching methods. A pleasure to work with.”

Sean Quinn
(Youth Worker)

Some comments from young people Anthea has worked with:

“Anthea has really helped with my performing skills, giving me the confidence to go out on stage and play my own material, as well as mentoring me through just starting out playing guitar and singing to going out in front of a large crowd on my own for the first time. She is so patient and is always willing to help people go the extra mile with their music in whatever they wish to do. I now front two bands, playing all around Reading and I never would of been here without Anthea.” – Helena

“When I was beginning to really explore playing instruments and songwriting, Anthea was amazingly helpful. She has a gift for guiding people through their own ideas and allowing them to see the potential in their skills; a joy to work with and learn from!” – Hannah

“Anthea was a very encouraging and inspirational music teacher, always really helpful and always really happy to help!” – Sarah