I have had the enormous pleasure of being trained as a Lifemusic facilitator by the fantastic Dr. Rod Paton. Lifemusic is an engaging, accessible, enjoyable and inclusive method of group improvisation, based on the approach of using ‘holding forms’ as a starting point. I found the training life-changing, personally transformative, therapeutic, deep and moving – and it has left me with a much greater understanding of myself and of musical interactions with others. It has given me a passion for improvising – and facilitating improvising – and has shown me that letting go of inhibitions and surrendering to the experience of contributing to improvised group music is nothing to be feared after all (as I once thought!) but is, in fact, tremendously confidence-building.

Please contact me at antheamusic@gmail.com to discuss Lifemusic workshops or longer projects. I can also incorporate and tailor this approach into wider workshops on topics such as Confidence-Building, Songwriting, and Creative Self-Expression.

“I organised the Confidence Building using Lifemusic last week that Anthea led and it was absolutely fantastic! I think it is fair to say that all of the participants could be described as in some way fragile, either emotionally or physically and in some cases both. Anthea created an absolutely amazing supportive and encouraging atmosphere where everyone was included & valued and given strategies for coping & building self confidence, with Anthea using her own experience to highlight many of the issues covered. Comments from the feedback included “I’ve learnt that I can be outside my comfort zone” “I’ve learnt to take gentle risks” and “I have learnt that I am not alone”.”

Quote from Alison White, Surrey Coalition of Disabled People

Here is some further information about the Lifemusic method, quoted directly from the Lifemusic website (acknowledgements to Rod Paton and Laura Cousins):

“Lifemusic provides creative music-making sessions for all in a non-judgemental, inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Developed over many years of practice and research, the Lifemusic method has been used successfully with a very wide range of community groups including older and younger people, in health and social care, in music therapy and education, with the learning disabled and the non-disabled as well as for team-building and stress busting for people who lead busy lives or work in corporate environments.

Put very simply, Lifemusic believes that –

◊ Everyone is musical
◊ There are no wrong notes in music
◊ Every sound has a meaning
◊ Making music is an act of trust

Using a wide variety of simple instruments, participants create entirely original pieces of music based upon ideas, images, stories and feelings.”