I have extensive experience performing as a lead vocalist, as well as playing guitar and piano, at hundreds of gigs and festivals over a 10+ year period. This includes performing to sizeable audiences at high-profile festivals both in the UK and internationally, including Glastonbury Festival in 2013 & 2014. I have released three albums to date, under my previous stage name of Anthea Neads, in folk/singer-songwriter and rock genres.

I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Songwriting (2 modules of a Masters), awarded in 2016.

3 albums released on Rowan Leaf Records:

Love Revolution” – Anthea Neads & Andy Prince (2013)

Penhayl” – Anthea Neads & Andy Prince (2011)

Jars of Clay” – Anthea Neads (2010)

From 2014-2017 we changed our band name from Anthea Neads & Andy Prince to Love Revolution. Love Revolution is no longer an active band.