Whether you want medium or long-term lessons to further your technique or short-term coaching to achieve a specific goal or prepare for a performance, tour, recording session, audition etc., contact me to discuss how I can support you through live online vocal coaching/singing teaching sessions.

I am currently only taking adult students (18+) and specialise in particularly aspiring or current performers or recording vocalists and singer-songwriters in Contemporary Commercial Music genres (e.g. pop, rock, folk, singer-songwriter, acoustic, alternative, musical theatre etc.). I do not teach classical singing.

I teach each student to maximise the freedom, potential and expressive power of their own voice, so sessions are creative, collaborative and highly tailored to the goals and needs of each student. I recognise the holistic nature of this process, working with my students to build confidence and self-belief. Working with my students on goal-setting, I facilitate, empower and mentor them to drive forward their own vocal development.

I am passionate about encouraging vocal health and sustainable and efficient singing techniques. I use evidence-based assessments and exercises throughout this process, listen for any potential problems and teach techniques to address those – all approached through a patient, encouraging, playful process of mutual discovery and exploration. I’m a firm believer in the positive impact that music-making, particularly singing, can have on wellbeing. Ultimately I want to help each person find their own unique, beautiful voice and give them the confidence to use it in a safe way which brings them joy and fulfills their career or hobby goals.

I have received in-depth training both as a singer and singing teacher and am so passionate about the voice that I constantly read, research, attend training, take part in discussions with colleagues and reflect on my approach to voice teaching. I am an active member of several international online forums for singing teachers, as well as the Association of Teachers of Singing (UK) and the British Voice Association. I have completed the very comprehensive BAST certified singing teacher training course which has given me a thorough grounding in vocology and vocal pedagogy, taught by the renowned Line Hilton. I also hold Qualified Teacher Status, achieved through a PGCE.

My musicianship experience includes a decade-long career as a performing singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with three albums released and hundreds of festivals and gigs to date, a Postgraduate Certificate in Songwriting from Bath Spa University, many years learning and teaching the clarinet, piano and guitar, and several years’ varied experience as a Community Music Facilitator, choir & group singing workshop leader. I am a longstanding member of the Musicians’ Union.

I have also qualified as a Vocal Health First Aider and regularly undertake a large number of CPD courses for singing teachers/vocal coaches. Here’s a flavour of some recent training courses I’ve undertaken, with more on the horizon:

Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy online course with New England Conservatory (currently taking this)

SOVT Streaming Course & Legacy Course by Oren Broder of RayVox in collaboration with the Vocal Process team (currently taking this)

Vocal Health First Aid level 2 qualification from Vocal Health Education

Vocal Assessment Methods with Chris Johnson (7 week in-depth training)

Principles and Application for Cross-Training with Dr Kari Ragan

Neuroscience-based Vocal Pedagogy with Heidi Moss

Biofeedback in Vocal Pedagogy with Heidi Moss

Tools for Range Development and Resonance Tuning with Ken Bozeman

Designing and Customizing Vocal Exercises for Singing Voice Rehabilitation with Leda Scearce

Application of Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy for CCM Singing with Chadley Ballantyne

Functional Fun: Playfully & Easily Improving Vocal Health & Ability with Robert Sussuma

Regular Alexander Technique lessons with Gemma Williams, a technique I’ve been learning for some years which informs my approach to singing and teaching singing, and which I encourage my students to explore and try out.

I have also completed two 8-week mindfulness courses (MBSR & MBCT) and am due to undertake a Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living course throughout autumn 2021. I have a regular mindfulness meditation and yoga practice and  thoroughly recommend mindfulness to the singers I work with.

Please contact me on antheaprincevoice@gmail.com or 07739 321158 (text please) to discuss or book vocal coaching/singing tuition – sessions take place online over live video & audio streaming platforms (full tech set-up instructions available on request/booking).

Current prices (subject to annual review):

£37 per 60-minute session (or £36.00 per session if paying for a block of 3 or more at once).