My approach to singing tuition, as with all my work, is friendly and wellbeing-focused. I teach each student to maximise the freedom and potential of their own voice and to find joy in vocal expression. I recognise the holistic nature of this process, working with my students to build confidence and self-belief. Working with my students on goal-setting, I encourage and empower them to create their own future. I use warm-ups and exercises throughout this process, listen for any potential problems and teach technique to address those – but I approach this with a patient and encouraging approach which works in harmony with my students’ learning styles and aims. Vocal health is really high on my list of priorities, as well as enjoyment! I’m a firm believer in the positive impact that music-making, particularly singing, can have on wellbeing. Ultimately I want to help each person find their own unique, beautiful voice and give them the confidence to use it in a safe way which brings them joy. I have received in-depth training both as a singer and singing teacher and am so passionate about singing that I constantly read, research, attend training and think about my approach to helping my students find their voice. I have completed the very comprehensive BAST singing teacher training course which has given me a thorough grounding in vocology and vocal pedagogy.

Please contact me on or 07739 321158 to discuss or book singing tuition – tuition can take place in person in Guildford, Surrey (UK) or by Skype anywhere in the world.

Current price ranges, depending on which booking & payment option you choose (please contact me for full details of each option):

£31.50 – £35 per 60-minute lesson
£26 – £30 per 45-minute lesson
£18 – £21 per 30-minute lesson