Have you ever dreamed of writing, singing and maybe even performing and recording a song based on your own life experiences?

I’ve been writing autobiographical songs for many years and have been teaching singing, songwriting and instrumental skills to individuals and groups for the last few years. Throughout this time I’ve been reflecting on the wellbeing aspects and therapeutic benefits of writing and singing songs based on one’s own life experiences and have developed techniques and approaches to draw out people’s reflective and creative sides. I’ve been privileged to see people blossom through writing and singing songs about topics and experiences that mean something deep and personal to them.

In a tailored programme of teaching and support – based on your own goals, strengths and chosen areas to work on – I will equip you with all the skills needed to write, sing, and (if you choose to) perform and record a song (or several songs) drawing on aspects of your own life experiences and telling your own story. I’ll work 1:1 with you over a period of time in an encouraging and patient way to help you express your story authentically and confidently. We will start from wherever you are currently in your musical, creative and emotional life and we’ll build on your existing skills as well as giving you the option to develop new ones.

For example, you may have some instrumental skills you wish to use, such as playing a guitar or piano to accompany you, or perhaps you don’t yet but you’d like to learn to play simple chords while you sing your story. Or you may wish to create backing tracks using music technology or another person’s instrumental skills to accompany your singing.

We’ll also explore what you might do with your song(s) once written and whether you just want to have them as something you can play and listen to yourself or whether you’d like support to share them with other people in some way.

The ultimate aims of this process are to build your confidence, self-belief and self-esteem and to support and empower you to shape your own life, challenge limiting beliefs and develop an express yourself.

Contact me if you’d like to explore having some “Sing Your Story” sessions – I would feel privileged to walk on this journey ofself-discovery and self-expression alongside you – antheamusic@gmail.com or 07739 321158

I would recommend an initial session of either 2 hours (£70) or 90 mins (£53) to really explore things in-depth. After that we’ll discuss and decide how frequently to meet and for how long, which may only require 1-hour sessions (£35). I may be able to work with you via Skype and email if you’re not in the Guildford area.